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Gain Traction

Mar 15, 2023

Kevin Marley is Managing Director at E-Solution Professionals, who has been developing e-commerce software for the tire industry since 2001. He has worked in the tire industry for more than four decades. Throughout his career, Kevin has worked in positions including store manager, warehouse manager, State Manager for Toyo Tires, and Regional Manager for Goodyear Australia.

In this episode…

In an industry that is slow to embrace it, how has the tire business been changed by technology? In what ways will technology continue to change the tire industry moving forward? For some unique insights on tires and tech, check out this episode of Gain Traction!

According to Kevin Marley from E-Solution Professionals, data mobility will be increasingly discussed in the tire industry. He says ESP Solutions continuously transmits data on their clients’ behalf that their clients may not even be aware of. Kevin says there’s a multitude of other ways technology will change the industry.

On this episode of Gain Traction, Neal Maier and Matthew Peters talk to Kevin about the ways the tire industry has been improved by technology and the changes that are likely to come in the near future. They discuss tire data, data mobility, electric cars, how to handle differing product codes, and the importance of keeping your word. Don’t miss it!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kevin Marley discusses his 45+ year journey in the tire industry
  • How E-Solution Professionals came about
  • What does Kevin see happening for ESP Solutions in the next five years?
  • The steps Tire Web took to effectively manage tire data
  • How ESP Solutions deals with similar tires that have different product codes
  • The best advice Kevin has ever received

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