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Gain Traction

Jan 18, 2023

Quinton Molnar is the Director of Marketing and Business Development and the Director of Human Resources at Ward Tirecraft. He’s been a management trainee, marketer, and IT guy for Ward Tirecraft, and his unique set of skills comes from performing similar roles across multiple industries. Quinton prides himself on turning an average customer experience into an exemplary one.

In this episode…

As an owner or manager of a tire and auto repair shop, do you have a true appreciation for the work that your employees do? It’s often said that you can’t appreciate what someone else goes through unless you’ve gone through it yourself. Check out this episode of Gain Traction to hear from someone who considers himself a “company swiss army knife” and can speak from multiple perspectives. 

Who’s the most important employee in a tire shop? For Quinton Molnar, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Ward Tirecraft, the answer to that question is easy — “I always say, our tire techs — give them a jack and an impact, and we can make money in a parking lot.” Ward Tirecraft is located in Alberta, Canada, so Quinton has a special appreciation for all the hard work his tire techs do — especially during the winter rush, where they work 12 hours per day at shops working on 90 cars in a day.

On this episode of Gain Traction, Mike Edge welcomes Quinton for a conversation on all things tires. Quinton has been a management trainee, marketer, IT guy, and HR director at Ward Tirecraft — so he’s able to provide some unique insights on operations and challenges faced by tire shops. They talk about handling the winter rush in Canada, experiencing exponential growth, reputation management, and more. Don’t miss it!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Quinton Molnar explains how he transitioned from the restaurant industry to the tire industry 
  • Why Quinton has a broad view of what tire technicians, mechanics and sales managers go through each day
  • Why winter rush is so important for tire dealerships in Alberta, Canada
  • How Ward Tirecraft continued to thrive in the midst of exponential growth
  • Ward Tirecraft’s plans for future growth
  • Why Hong Kong is Quinton’s favorite place to visit

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