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Gain Traction

Jan 11, 2023

Matthew Peters is the Business Development Manager at Tread Partners. He joined Tread Partners in November 2022 after serving in the same role at Tireweb Marketing for more than three years and at Icon Internet Media for nearly two years. Having worked in the tire industry for more than 30 years, Matthew possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In this episode…

As a B2B business owner, how do you view your relationships with your clients? Is it a transactional, one-and-done relationship or is it a potential lifelong partnership? For insights on building and maintaining long-lasting client relationships, check out this episode of Gain Traction!

What is the benefit of building long-term relationships with your customers? According to Matthew Peters from Tread Partners, it not only results in repeat customers, but new customers as well. “My business, over the last 30 years, has been built on building relationships and a referral system,” Matthew said. “Everything that I generate typically comes through those relationships — it's that referral partnership.”

On this episode of Gain Traction, Neal Maier sits down with Matthew to discuss the importance of building long-term client relationships. Matthew says he views his client relationships as partnerships who are likely to result in referrals. “Those are the very best referrals that you can get,” he said. He talks about the effort required to cultivate and develop those relationships and to make sure clients know he is there to help them succeed. Don’t miss it!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How to help tire dealers build successful ecommerce platforms
  • How Matthew has benefitted B2B dealers by working with them
  • Something people in the tire industry might not know about Matthew
  • The career path Matthew left in favor of the tire industry
  • What has Matthew built his business around over the past 30 years?
  • How to build a successful company culture

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