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Gain Traction

Jan 25, 2023

Kim McMahon is the President of McMahon's Best-One Tire, which has five locations, one distribution center and one retread facility. She is one of just a few top female executives at tire dealerships in North America and recently won the Humanitarian of the Year award from Tire Business Magazine. She has a banking and financial background and believes culture is more valuable for a company than strategy.

In this episode…

What’s your strategy when your business is expanding, adding locations and entering new markets? What about your strategy when it comes to implementing new services? Is strategy the most important thing, or could the culture of your company trump your strategy? For some great insight on this topic and more, check out this episode of Gain Traction!

According to Kim McMahon from McMahon's Best-One Tire, getting your team members to buy into what you’re doing is more important than strategy. She has a sign in her office that states, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” The executive committee at McMahon's Best-One Tire, Kim says, is committed to getting the right culture for the company before it worries about anything else.

On this episode of Gain Traction, Kim joins Mike Edge for a wide-ranging discussion about being a female working as a top executive in the male-dominated tire industry. She talks about her transition to a family-owned tire shop after 17 years in corporate banking, the obstacles she has faced, and the importance of building the right culture in your organization. When it comes to strategy, Kim says, “if you don't have the people that buy into what you're doing, it's not worth anything.” Don’t miss it!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Where Kim McMahon went to school and why she chose to study finance and banking
  • The learning curve that comes with transitioning from working at a corporate bank to managing a family business
  • Why the entrepreneurial spirit of her father-in-law caught Kim off guard when she started working for him at McMahon's Best-One Tire
  • What Kim likes most about working in the tire industry
  • The biggest hurdles Kim has faced while working in the tire industry
  • Why Kim believes that in business, “culture eats strategy for lunch”

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